Some thoughts on being thankful

Some thoughts on being thankful

As we approach Thanksgiving we all have (hopefully) time to reflect on our own lives and take stock of what we have to be thankful for as we journey through this world.
Of the many, many things I am thankful for each and every day, is the opportunity to create!!!

Everyday the world presents the opportunity for me to create beautiful designs, great projects, happy homeowners, work with a GREAT TEAM, and meet new people!

Recently The Team received some incredible reviews from some of our clients on recent projects, so I am extremely thankful (as is the whole team) for those that have taken the time to review us!

Laura O. whose home we did a major renovation, wrote the following:

John Petsco and his fabulous team at Long Island Creative Contracting (LICC) completed an almost gut renovation of the interior of our new home (3,400 SF plus 1,400 SF finished basement). The project included a completely redesigned kitchen and master bath, a more open plan living area, replacement of our main living room wall with glass including 10 foot high doors that open 16 feet wide, a brand new large deck including a glass roofed patio that can be automatically screened in, stainless cable stairs, additional and enlarged windows, new molding, baseboard and doors (interior and exterior), paneling, redesigned fireplace, custom closets, painting, floor refinishing and a WHOLE lot more. Despite the magnitude of the project, LICC finished the majority of the work in 5 months so we were able to move back in in time for Memorial Day while they worked through the summer to finish the custom outdoor work. As most people do, we interviewed several contractors before choosing John. What sold us was his creative vision and ability to instantly tackle a couple of specific problem areas that the other bidding contractors and even architects were not able to. Over time, this vision became known as "magic" because every time a challenge presented itself, John would mull it over and come back a few hours later with the perfect solution. A second selling point was his extremely detailed proposal that broke out all the costs. There were several change orders along the way but those stemmed from modifications to the initial proposal or selection of more expensive materials. As people invariably do, I spent more than I initially planned to but not due to upcharges. John was actually pretty good at keeping me in check when he felt that additional spending would not add value. Unlike many of my friends' experiences during renovations, it was a real pleasure working with John and his team. We worked on the design together and he always let me know if something wouldn't fit with the overall scheme. Similarly, he listened well and was very patient. If I wanted something different than his initial suggestion, he researched it and made it happen. His team, led by his foreman Rich Eberhardt, worked tirelessly, including many weekends and whenever there were setbacks or delays, they took it in stride. Rich's attention to detail mirrored John's and they never considered anything complete until it was perfect and I was happy with it. Given the scope of the renovation, there were various subs and they were all closely supervised by John and Rich. The backbone of the operation, Jessica Nutter, John's office manager, is a master of organisation. In addition to being able to track almost anything down, she worked very efficiently with the town and got all our permits and inspections without delay. Needless to say, I love my new home and would recommend Long Island Creative for any project wholeheartedly.

So I (we) are so thankful for all of you that have chosen LICC INC to be YOUR contractor.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

John Petsco